Pay for Only 8

For Summer Session 2024, we are offering a full-time fee incentive program for all current and incoming UC students*. Students will need to pay for up to only 8 units in per unit course fees.

2024 Session Dates

Session 1: Jun 24 – Aug 1
10-Week: Jun 24 – Aug 30
Session 2: Aug 5 – Sept 11

Helpful Info

​Learn How You Can Save Money this Summer

You’ve heard about Pay for Only 8, but are you curious about what it is and how it works? Watch our brief video explanation.

​Daily Routine of an Online Student

Matthew and Benjamin are both taking summer courses, but Matthew is taking on-campus courses while Benjamin is taking online courses. See their different daily routines!

​Online Courses and Pay for Only 8

Wondering if online courses count towards Pay for Only 8? They do! So whether you’re studying from the comforts of home (or anywhere else), enjoy the flexibility of online courses while saving money.

Mission: Pay for Only 8

See if the Summer Session team accomplishes their mission to let students know that summer enrollment is now open!

​Fall in Love with Summer Session and Pay for Only 8

Matthew thinks he’s found his perfect Valentine, who will it be?

​It’s Here…

Open enrollment really snuck up on us! Watch our parody of The Ring celebrating the start of Summer Session enrollment.

​Guess Who’s Back

…back again. Pay for Only 8. Tell a friend. Pay for Only 8 returns for Summer 2024. Let’s just say some people were pretty excited…

Pay for Only 8 is REALLY Great!

Watch this fun parody of the infamous Dollar Shave Club parody with our superstar spokesperson!

​Summer Spice

Anything is possible when you save money on Summer Session courses with Pay for Only 8. Watch our twist on the infamous Old Spice Super Bowl ad.

April Fool’s!

In-person enrollment has begun! The Sun heads to the registration windows to enroll, but runs into obstacles along the way.

​A Perfect Match

Summer Session and Pay for Only 8… a perfect match! See if our two characters end up together.