Transfer Edge – Student Experience

Student Experience

Students participating in Transfer Edge get the opportunity to embrace UCI and everything it has to offer at a time when the campus is more relaxed from the peak occupancy of the academic year. The student experience at Transfer Edge is designed to build your confidence in handling the academic rigor of UCI, the pace of the quarter system (remember, summer is 5 weeks of instruction per session – even more accelerated than a traditional quarter) and to ultimately ensure that you have found an Institution where you know you belong.

For summer 2021, our program will be held online due to public health guidelines. We utilize a combination of Zoom, Canvas, and UCI email to contact the majority of our internations while operating online.. Students can expect synchronous participation in the program with asynchronous accommodations available on request contingent on cooperation from said presenter(s).


About the Program for 2021

While the UCI campus is open to the general public, many buildings are not accessible at this time. Visitors should follow posted signs regarding mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, etc. As soon as it is safe and we are permitted to do so, we look forward to meeting you in person per the guidelines established at that time. In the meantime, we are excited to meet you and support your transition to UCI through digital means.

Academic Year

The support you receive from Transfer Edge does not stop when the summer ends. Transfer Edge alumni will be directed to apply for continued support through one of Student Success Initiatives academic year programs such as: First Year Transfer Experience, Student Parents and Families, and more. Read more about annual support you might be interest in here:

Student Mentors

Each year we recruit and train a highly motivated group of UCI students to serve as peer mentors to students enrolled in Transfer Edge. You will be assigned to a Peer Mentor to ensure that you have a dedicated peer connection to the campus. In addition to scheduling time to meet with their mentees, our mentors will provide regular communication and announcements to you to ensure that you stay up to date on everything taking place during Transfer Edge.


Program housing will not be offered during summer 2021. For questions about Fall 2021 housing, please go to, email or call 949-824-6811.

Transfer Edge Events

All event schedules and registration for said events will be provided to students in their program CANVAS page once the program begins.

A key part of Transfer Edge features a presentation series known as INSIDE UCI. These presentations by prominent UCI faculty will give you a “front row seat” to the diverse academic paths and current research of UCI faculty. You will be able to ask them questions about their academic journeys, how they became interested in research, and why they do what they do. Transfer Students are required to attend at least TWO of these events per the UNI STU 196 course requirements.
Collegiate Life
Collegiate Life events cover topics relating to career exploration, resume writing, study skills, health and wellness, campus opportunities, graduate school, internships and more! Transfer Students are required to attend at least ONE of these events per the UNI STU 196 course requirements.
Campus Events
While campus may be a bit more quiet in the summer, that doesn’t mean it is not abuzz. In addition to campus announcements, our team of mentors will make sure you get information about the different opportunities to get involved on-campus over the summer. Many academic units and services host guest lectures, performances and more during the summer months. Schedules and event content varies.
Peer Connections
In class, and certainly at our events, we will do everything we can to help you meet your fellow students. Our mentors play a key role in hosting opportunities to foster these very connections in addition to giving you the inside scoop on their experiences and knowledge of how to be successful at UCI.

Transfer Edge Enrollment

Enrolling in Transfer Edge is simple. Visit our enrollment page to complete your Transfer Edge enrollment form and view course, fee, and deadline information.