Transfer Boost


Transfer Boost is a 6 week workshop series taking place over the course of Summer Session I to help answer the questions we hear from Transfer Students the most. Workshops are optional, independent of each other (unless noted otherwise) and offered at no additional cost to you. Learn about key transfer resources like Student Success Initiatives – Transfer Student Center, get to meet some fellow Transfer Students outside of the classroom, or use it as an opportunity to decide if you want to participate in the more robust Transfer Edge experience. For summer 2021, Transfer Boost will be held online.

When is Boost?

Transfer Boost workshops and virtual meetups will take place throughout Summer Session I.

Who can join?

All new transfer students enrolled in summer coursework through UCI Summer Session. That’s right! You don’t have to enroll in Transfer Edge to get access to our Transfer Boost workshop series.

What does Boost cost?

Transfer Boost is offered at no additional cost to Transfer Students.

Join us!

Complete our contact form to receive weekly announcements about Transfer Boost events taking place during Summer Session I. There’s no commitment. We just want to make sure you have access to our events and team of helpful staff and students.