If the course you are requesting is full and it is prior to the start of the session, you may place your name on a wait list. UCI Summer Session honors the order of the wait list and extends enrollment availability to students in the order they are waitlisted. Students on the wait list are not automatically enrolled if and when a space in the course becomes available. If a space becomes available for the student prior to the start of the session, the student is contacted by email and must officially enroll themselves in the course. Enrollment for the waitlisted course may be completed online through the student’s Summer Session account or by submitting the appropriate paperwork along with payment to the Summer Session office in person. Enrollment online or by paper must be submitted to UCI Summer Session by the deadline specified in the email. Contacted students that have not enrolled online or by paper by the specified deadline will be removed from the wait list. UCI Summer Session recommends that students who are waitlisted for a course regularly check their email. For more information regarding adding from a waitlist, visit our Adding or Waitlisting Courses page.

Once the course begins, Summer Session no longer monitors course wait lists. Individual approvers will determine if a student may enroll in their closed course. Summer Session encourages approvers to follow the order of the wait list. However, it is at the approver’s discretion as to whom they allow to enroll in their closed course. For online courses, some approvers do not accept enrollments from the wait list once the course has started.

2021 Session Dates

Session I: Jun 21 – Jul 28
10-week: Jun 21 – Aug 27
Session II: Aug 2 – Sep 8

Dates & Deadlines