The independent study option is available primarily to regularly admitted UC upper-division students for supervised but independent reading, research, or design. If you are interested in independent study, please have your program of study approved. The Independent Study Forms are available in the Summer Session Office or on the website. Complete the Independent Study Form, including required signatures (faculty sponsor and department chair/dean) and submit with your Enrollment Form and payment.

The cost for independent study for UCI or other UC undergraduate students is $139.50 per unit, and for UCI or other UC graduate students and visiting Non-UC students is $174.50 per unit, pending the state’s final budget approved by the Regents. The Summer Session tuition is subject to change by action of the UC Regents at any time for all UC campuses, including UC Irvine.

All standard Summer Session deadlines apply to students enrolled in Independent Study.

Contact the Summer Session Office at (949) 824-6494 or for additional information.

2021 Session Dates

Session I: Jun 21 – Jul 28
10-week: Jun 21 – Aug 27
Session II: Aug 2 – Sep 8

Dates & Deadlines