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Transfer Edge

Build a foundation for success before fall quarter begins!


  • How do I submit my Transfer Edge enrollment form?
  • You can submit your application in one of two ways:

    You can submit your application by completing the Transfer Edge Enrollment Form online. If you are unable to submit the online form, please contact for further instructions.

  • I am applying for UCI Financial Aid, should I also include payment on my Transfer Edge enrollment form?
  • Students applying for Financial Aid must submit payment for the non-refundable mandatory campus fee on their enrollment form to hold their space in the program and courses.
    *Please note that the 2019-2020 FAFSA that is required for summer aid is last year's form and is different than the 2020-2021 FAFSA that you may have already completed for fall financial aid. Visit the UCI Financial Aid and Scholarships website for more information about applying for summer financial aid (available mid-March).

  • Can I take advantage of the UCI Summer Session “Pay for Only 8” Incentive Program?
  • Transfer Edge students are considered admitted UC students, and can take advantage of the “Pay for Only 8” Incentive Program. Students will need to pay for only 8 units in per unit course fees, but by taking part in both six-week Summer Sessions, most students would complete 14 units total. See Fees for more details.

  • I am an international student: How do I transfer my F-1 visa to UC Irvine?
  • Contact the UCI International Center to confirm the transferring of your I-20 to UCI so that you may start when you are scheduled to arrive on campus. For International Transfer Edge participants, because our program is being offered remotely, there is no need to have an F-1 Visa on file for the Summer 2020 term. .

  • Will the Transfer Edge Seminar (Soc Sci 89) count towards my degree?
  • The Transfer Edge Seminar is a 2-unit course that will be recorded on your UC Irvine transcript with units applied toward graduation.  This course does not count towards a general education requirement nor a specific major requirement. If you choose to take the course for a Letter Grade, you grade will be added into your UC GPA. If you choose to take the course as Pass/No Pass, you will receive course credit if you earn a grade of "C" or better. Review the University Credit policies prior to enrollment.

  • How do I choose an elective course? When will I receive academic advising?
  • We recommend that you exercise care in selecting your elective course. Consider the following ways to make use of your time at Summer Session:

    • Enroll in a course that you are certain will fulfill graduation requirements for you. You can refer to the UCI Course Catalogue for a complete list of requirements for your specific major(s).
    • Complete prerequisites for courses that you plan to take during the year.
    • Take a course that does not relate to your chosen field but looks interesting – summer at UCI is a time of possibility: take a course that was not available at your previous school or one that you will not have time for during the year! This is especially helpful if you intend on adding another minor/major.

    During Summer Session, 6-8 units per 6-week session is considered a full load. Each 6-week session moves very quickly so you will want to be sure not to overextend your commitments.

    To ensure that you are adequately prepared for the course(s) that you enroll in, and that you are not duplicating credits you have already completed at the school you are transferring from, we recommend you attend your school-specific summer advising program. You will receive information about these sessions directly from the school to which you have been accepted. If you plan to enroll in Session I, you will likely need to reach out to your department earlier than your summer advising program which won’t happen until halfway through the summer. Inform the department counseling unit that you intend to enroll in Summer Session I which has a start date of June 24.

    Our team at Summer Session is unable to provide academic advising, but would be pleased to help connect you to your academic department and relevant websites.

  • Will I be able to enroll in a course that I am currently taking a prerequisite for?
  • Yes. So long as you complete the prerequisite course prior to attendance at UCI, you will be able to enroll in your chosen course using the online enrollment form. You may be contacted directly by our team should additional information be required.

  • How will Transfer Edge be facilitated during the Summer 2020?
  • Transfer Edge 2020 will be offered remotely and online. Transfer Edge is intended to give students an example of college life at UC Irvine and ease the transition to the Research University. Courses and Edge Programming will be facilitated using online tools like Canvas, Zoom, etc. Interaction with Instructors, T.A.s (teaching assistants), discussion leaders, and Transfer Edge Mentors will still be a key element to our program.

  • How do I find out what books I need for summer courses?
  • Closer to the start of the program, you will be able to search for required course books and materials online through UCI EEE and The Hill, UC Irvine’s Bookstore. Instructions on how to search for and purchase course books will be sent to enrolled students by e-mail and will also be included in the student Welcome Guide.

  • What is Transfer Orientation? Should I attend Orientation in addition to Transfer Edge?
  • UC Irvine offers two Transfer Orientation programs: Mini Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (Mini-TSPOP) and Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (T-SPOP). These are designed to provide integral information to all new transfer students for a smooth transition to life at UCI with information about UCI resources, opportunities to meet current UCI students and other new transfers, and a chance to ask questions. Visit theCenter for Student Leadership website to see which program is right for you.

    Academic advising is NOT included in either of these programs, but academic advising is mandatory prior to your first fall quarter. Visit the Center for Student Leadership website to inquire about academic advising.

  • What is Transfer Boost? How can I participate?
  • Transfer Boost is a free online program for new Transfer students that are taking classes during Summer Session I. The program includes a series of workshops and perspectives from our Transfer Mentor team. The workshops will cover some UCI basics, and help build community among the Transfer population. The workshops will be available on our website!

  • I am going to be a commuter student. How can I meet other commuters and build community with other Transfer students?
  • Student Success Initiatives is dedicated to building community for Transfer students. Through the Transfer Hub, commuter students will have many opportunities to meet other commuters as well as residential students through a vibrant calendar of activities, workshops, and events. Check out the Transfer Hub website to learn about programs that occur throughout the school year.

  • What will I do when I’m not in class?
  • All students will participate in a range of exciting co-curricular activities as part of the required course, Social Sciences 89. Students experience elements of college life at UCI by participating in programmatic events available to students outside of the scheduled class time. This includes exclusive INSIDE UCI series, and Collegiate Life events. Additionally, the Transfer Edge Mentors will host activities and community building events through Zoom that will give you an opportunity to connect with peers, hear the perspectives of the Transfer Edge Mentors, and build new friendships. Visit the Events tab for details.

  • Can I work while doing this program?
  • Yes. Many transfer students work while participating in Transfer Edge, as well as during the academic school year. It is important to note that courses during the summer are accelerated. During the academic year, courses run for 10 weeks, with an additional week for finals. During summer, courses run for 5 weeks, with an additional week for finals. Working students must keep their commitments in mind when choosing courses, and be sure to allocate time for studying and relaxation.

  • Do students participating in Transfer Edge receive Health Insurance?
  • Please be aware that enrollment in Transfer Edge does not include medical or other types of insurance. Students may enroll in Voluntary Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP). Students who will not be covered during the program by a major medical health insurance should strongly consider enrolling in Voluntary UC SHIP. See Step 8 of Enrollment for additional details. Enrollment forms will be shared with students by e-mail alongside official welcome information.

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