Transfer Boost

UC Irvine is excited to welcome New Transfer Students to participate in our brand new, reimagined “Transfer BOOST” Program!

Transfer BOOST

Transfer BOOST Enrollment is now open! Submit your Transfer BOOST Enrollment form here.

By attending Transfer Boost, New Transfer Students will: 

  • Establish a strong base of sense of belonging by developing a social network and confidence in their identity as a UCI Transfer. 
  • Begin to understand the skills needed to manage the quarter system and utilize their time at UCI effectively, while maintaining overall wellness and balance. 
  • Be able to identify campus resources and their function in a broad sense, relevant to their specific needs at UC Irvine.
  • Understand the importance, impact, and utilization of research as a form of learning and creating new knowledge in a higher education setting, and how those research skill sets can be beneficial for life after university. 

Schedule of Programs: 

Transfer BOOST will occur during Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2. Each session will contain a number of programs that will be created to meet learning objectives, and each session will contain unique workshops and experiences, although some material will be repeated as it is most relevant to students or there is a benefit in its repetition.  

1. BOOST Transfer Talk Tuesdays; information, resources, topics specific to new incoming transfer students (Hybrid: in person while being streamed on Zoom)

Session 1: 

  • Week 1 BOOST 1 – Transfer 101 at UC Irvine 
  • Week 2 BOOST 1 – Time Management & The Quarter System 
  • Week 3 BOOST 1 – CC vs. UC – What are the similarities & main differences between being a student at a community college versus a UC school? 
  • Week 4 BOOST 1 –  So Many Counselors – How does advising work at UCI? 
  • Week 5 BOOST 1 – How to get involved in Research: Transfer Students 
  • Week 6 BOOST 1 – Prioritizing & Self Care 

Session 2: 

  • Week 1 BOOST 2 – Transfer 101 and the Transfer Student Center 
  • Week 2 BOOST 2 – Pace of the Quarter System and Avoiding Procrastination
  • Week 3 BOOST 2 – Communication; tips for communicating with professors and staff
  • Week 4 BOOST 2 – Identity Exploration and Building Inclusive Community 
  • Week 5 BOOST 2 – How to get involved in Research: Transfer Students 
  • Week 6 BOOST 2 – Self Care and Setting Goals

2. BOOST Coffee with a Counselor (Thursday’s); individual or group casual advising and community building (in person)

3. BOOST Friday Forums; virtual open office hours for new Transfer students to ask questions and learn specific and personalized strategies for starting strong at UCI (via Zoom)

Enrolling is simple.

Please submit your information using this form: 

Please note that enrollment into Transfer BOOST is for new, incoming Transfer students that have submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).

For any questions regarding Transfer BOOST enrollment or eligibility, please email