Freshman Edge: Register

The Orientation team at UCI will automatically assign all students to a Student Parent Orientation Program starting in mid-June. Students who enroll in Freshman Edge by July 1 will be automatically enrolled in SPOP5.

Students who complete their enrollment between July 2 and July 15 (our enrollment deadline) will remain in their originally schedule SPOP session. If you enroll in Freshman Edge and notice that your assigned SPOP session is not #5 one of the following items has occurred:

  1. You have priority registration (student athletes, CHC, etc.)
  2. You enrolled on or after July 2. Your SPOP session will not be changed if you enroll on or after July 2.
  3. The Edge Programs Team has not provided the Orientation Team confirmation of your enrollment to Edge yet. Your session will be automatically updated to SPOP 5 if the aforementioned items do not apply to you.

For more information about UCI SPOP, please visit: