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Freshman Edge

Begin college this summer!

August 3 - September 12, 2019

Begin college this summer!

August 3 - September 12, 2019

Freshman Mentors

As a Freshman Edge student, you will meet continuing UCI students right away. These Freshman Edge mentors eagerly wait to welcome you to UCI. In addition to creating a meaningful and supportive program environment, they will help you transition to the UCI campus and college life, and introduce you to campus resources and the UCI social scene. Our mentor team consists of undergraduate students who share a passion for serving incoming first-year students, many of which participated in one of our Freshman Edge pathways. These mentors partake in a formal Leadership Development Program beginning in winter quarter as a hands-on leadership development experience. By becoming a Freshman Edge mentor, students give feedback on the past year’s program, develop program events, and work with the students during the upcoming Freshman Edge Program. Additionally, students learn leadership, commitment, responsibility, communication, and decision-making skills from hands-on planning and execution of events.

Leadership Development Program - Freshman Edge Mentors

Mylen Cruzado
2nd year, Psychology
Pathway: Summer Bridge

  • I am a first generation college student and a former Summer Bridge scholar. I was a mentor last year and I am very excited to be back this year as a Lead Mentor. I love being a part of a community where I can give back and help foster other people. My goal is to share my experiences with the rest of you and to be someone you can reach out for any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you! If you need to someone to hang out or talk to, let’s make a plan!

Ethan Chhan
1st year, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • I am a first generation college student from a small town in Central California. I am a boba enthusiast. I am an amateur photographer. Hit me up for pictures!

To Le
3rd year, Public Health Sciences

  • I am a first generation Asian American college student. I enjoy playing Basketball and going to the beach. On my free time, I am always down for spontaneous adventures and food/boba runs.

Hunter Rojas
1st year, Biology/Education

  • I am a Dodger fan, Laker fan, Charger fan and most importantly an Anteater Fan!!! I am a runner, exercise enthusiast, a sports lover, and photographer. I am a tired, lazy, and an adventurous college student.

Kaylee Sanchez
2nd year, Psychology and Social Behavior

  • Hey! I’m a first-generation student from a small city in LA named Watts. I live with both my parents and 4 other siblings making me very sociable towards others. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone with the Summer Bridge and hope you’ll enjoy it to your hearts content. If by any chance you want to fangirl/fanboy about anything I also have interests in ANY type of music, Netflix shows, Instagram artist/ artwork, drawing, and Marvel movies. If you see me around don’t mind stopping me and having a chat. :)

Sabrina Thiem
1st year, Computer Science & Engineering

  • Hello! I am a friend, daughter, sister, cousin, and aunt who always wants to help. I like meeting new people by saying “Hi” and introducing myself. I enjoy singing, listening to music, taking pictures of nature and getting to know others. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this summer!

Wei Zhang
3rd year, Psychological Science & Economics

  • This is a K-Pop fan who is from China! If you are a K-pop fan, I believe we can talk a whole night. I like make-up as well. Let’s hangout together! Enjoy the sunshine in California!

Victoria Rong
2nd year, Business Economics

  • Hello! I am a foodie and one of my most favorite food is hotpot (AKA ShabuShabu). I hope one day we can eat that together!

Emma Ye
2nd year, Quantitative Economics

  • I’m a cat lover! They’re just so adorable! I have a cat, a British Shorthair! Let me know if you have cats, I would love to talk about our cats together.