Freshman Edge: Student Experience

Student Experience

Wondering what life is like as a Freshman Edge Student?
Learn more by watching the videos below.



Maka Pennell (M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2017) talks about her research in the biomedical field and how Freshman Edge gave her the skills necessary to succeed and take charge in her work.


Alexander Tran (Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2019) talks about learning the ins and outs of UCI’s campus, from gaining knowledge of campus resources to meeting people who could help him along the way.

Co-curricular Activities


Amandip Dhah (B.S. Public Health Sciences, Class of 2017) talks about how attending certain workshops in Freshman Edge allowed her to open her mind to new major and career options.

Extracurricular Activities

Arthur Tham,(B.S., Computer Science, Class of 2019) and Claudia O’Flaherty (B.A., Film & Media Studies, Class of 2019) talk about the different events they experienced in Freshman Edge, ranging from small game nights to large-scale scavenger hunts.

Making Friends

Jenny Torres (B.A. Business Information Management, Class of 2018) and Anthony Gutierrez (B.A. Education Sciences, Class of 2018) reflect on their friendship, which began in Freshman Edge in 2014. They also open up about the social aspects of the program.


International Students

Yate Ji talks about his experience as an international student in Freshman Edge, from learning an entirely new language to making new friends.