Freshman Edge: Events (Calendar)

Immerse yourself in the undergraduate experience by participating in exclusive Summer Session events, ranging from our unique INSIDE UCI series to social events coordinated by our very own Freshman Mentors. See what kinds of events are happening below!

Events Calendar

All events, dates, and times are subject to change without notice. Click on individual events for additional details.

INSIDE UCI Series Events

A key part of Freshman Edge will be presentations known as INSIDE UCI. These presentations by prominent UCI faculty will give you a “front row seat” to the diverse academic paths and current research of UCI faculty. You will be able to ask them questions about their academic journeys, how they became interested in research, and why they do what they do. For more information, visit our INSIDE UCI page.

Some of the INSIDE UCI events for the 2019 program included:

  • “Adventures of a Toxicity Avenger,” Oladele Ogunseitan, Professor and Chair, Department of Population Health & Disease Prevention, Program in Public Health
  • “Living with Shakespeare: The Work of Transitions,” Julia Lupton, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, School of Humanities
  • “Tour the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory,” Michael A.Yassa, Director of Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Professor and Chancellor’s Fellow, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
  • “A Healing Art: The Yin and Yang of Dance and Neurorehabilitation,” Kelli Sharp, Assistant Professor, Dance
  • “San Joaquin Marsh Tour,” Peter Bowler, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Director of the Arboretum

Note: Presentations are subject to change.

Collegiate Life

College is a community! Collegiate Life events cover topics relating to participation and engagement with clubs, resources, social causes, and opportunities within the university and college community. Staff and students from around the campus will provide engaging workshops and seminars to give you a better understanding of the variety of campus resources available at UCI and your role in the collegiate community.

Collegiate Life Seminar topics for 2020 may include:

  • Using UCI Websites
  • Connecting with Faculty
  • Resume Basics, Interview Techniques, Job Search Strategies
  • Time Management, Effective Study Planning, Preparing for Exams
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
  • Library Workshop
  • Fitting in vs. Belonging
  • Commuting to UCI
  • Major and Career
  • Panel of Successful Students
  • Money Management
  • Stress Management, Self-Care, and Rehabilitation

Social Events

The Freshman Edge Mentors, current UCI undergraduate students, will plan social events for you to meet other new freshmen and to learn about campus life and current student interests. These events will take you behind the scenes to little-known yet intriguing corners of the University and introduce you to resources.