Added Courses for Summer 2020

Course offerings in Spring or Fall may have been impacted due to COVID-19 adding these courses to the Summer offering allows students to continue to make efficient progress to degree.

  • Classes have been added to assist with increased demand for Spring or Fall courses
  • These have also been added to assist those who may need to retake a Spring course
  • There is now more availability of upper division writing courses
School of Biological SciencesGE Requirements
BIO SCI E109: Human PhysiologySession I
BIO SCI E131L: Image Analysis in Biological ResearchSession IIIb
The Henry Samueli School of Engieneering 
BME 60B: Engineering Analysis/Design: Data Analysis10-Week Session
BME 110A: Biomechanics I10-Week Session
BME 130: Biomedical Signals and SystemsSession I
ENGRCEE 152: Computer Methods in Structural Analysis and Design10-Week Session
ENGRMAE 107: Fluid Thermal Science Laboratory10-Week Session
ENGRMAE 145: Theory of Machines and Mechanisms10-Week Session
ENGRMAE 157: Lightweight Structures10-Week Session
School of Humanities 
ART HIS 55: DisneylandSession III,IV
PHILOS 22: Introduction to Law and SocietySession IIIII
PHILOS 102W: Introduction to the Theory of KnowledgeSession IIb
PHILOS 121A: Medical EpistemologySession II 
PHILOS 131C: Medical EthicsSession II 
PHILOS 133: Philosophy of LawSession II 
SPANISH 61: The Culture of the Visual Image in Latin AmericaSession IIIV,VIII
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences 
I&C SCI 32: Programming with Software Libraries10-Week SessionII, Va, or Vb
I&C SCI 45J: Programming in Java as a Second LanguageSession II
I&C SCI 139W: Critical Writing on Information TechnologySession IIb
School of Physical Sciences 
CHEM 1P: Preparation for General ChemistrySession II
CHEM 1B: General ChemistrySession III, Va
CHEM 51LC: Organic Chemistry LaboratorySession I
CHEM 101W: Writing for ChemistsSession IIb
Program in Public Health 
PUBHLTH 146: Health Promotion ProgramsSession I
School of Social Ecology
UPPP 5: Introduction to Urban Planning and PolicySession IIIII
UPPP 8: Introduction environmental Analysis and Design Same as SOCECOL E8Session IIIII
School of Social Sciences 
ANTHRO 2C: Introduction to ArchaeologySession IIII
ANTHRO 121AW: Kinship and Social OrganizationSession IIb
ANTHRO 121J: Urban Anthropology
Same as INTL ST 153C
Session II
ANTHRO 125A: Economic Anthropology
Same as ECON 152A
Session II
ANTHRO 128B: Race, Gender, and Science
Same as CHC/LAT 176
Session IVII
LSCI 10: Introduction to PhonologySession IIIII, V-b
LSCI 20: Introduction to SyntaxSession IIII, V-b
POL SCI 31A: Introduction to Political TheorySession IIII
POL SCI 51A: Introduction to Politics Around the WorldSession IIIII, VIII
POL SCI 179: Law and SocietySession II
PSYCH 140L: Principles of Learning TheorySession I
PSYCH 160D: Brain Disorders and Behavior
Same as BIO SCI N165
Session II
SOC SCI 172AW: American CultureSession I, Session IIIb
SOCIOL 3: Social ProblemsSession IIIII, VII
SOCIOL 10C: Probability and Statistics
Same as ANTHRO 10C
Session IIVb
SOCIOL 161: Sociology of Sex and GenderSession I, Session II
SOCIOL 171: Environment and SocietySession I
SOCIOL 174: Protests, Movements, and Revolutions
Same as POL SCI 156D
Session II