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Visiting International University Students (non-matriculated)

Program Fees

Expenses vary with the length of your stay. The chart represents the cost of taking two courses (4 units each) during a 6-week session.

Required Fees

Type Amount
International Student Application Fee $750 (non-refundable)
Summer Session Tuition** $349 per unit (additional materials and/or lab fees may apply)
Most courses are 4 units and most students take two courses per session.
Mandatory Campus Fee** $283 (non-refundable)
UCI Health Insurance It is mandatory for all visiting international students to purchase
UCI Health Insurance. Students will be automatically enrolled in
UCI Health Insurance upon receipt of their application by the
International Summer Session office.
$250 (Session I)
$250 (Session II)
$500 (Session I & II)
$420 (10-Week)
TOTAL (estimate) $4,107

Housing and meal plans costs vary and are separate from your program fees. Check the Campus Life link in the lefthand navigation for more information.