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Visiting International University Students (non-matriculated)

How to Enroll

Follow the steps below to complete your enrollment at UCI Summer Session.

 Before Enrolling


Select A Session

As a visiting international student, you have four session options to choose from. Please review the date ranges below and choose the session that fits you best.

Session 1 Session 2 10–Week Session Session 1 & 2
June 22 – August 2 August 3 – September 12 June 22 – August 31 June 22 – September 12
Session 1 June 22 – August 2
Session 2 August 3 – September 12
10–Week Session June 22 – August 31
Session 1 & 2 June 22 – September 12

Search Available Courses

Before enrolling, be sure to know which Summer Session courses you would like to take. Be sure your courses are offered during the session you plan to attend. You must enroll in a minimum of 6 units to maintain your full-time status for an F-1 visa. Review your course selection with your academic advisor if necessary.

Prepare Proof of English Profiency

We will need a copy of your official test scores from either the TOEIC, IELTS, iTEP, ISE or TOEFL to measure your English ability level. The following are the minimum scores needed to enroll in academic courses (excluding Academic English 29 courses) in Summer Session*:

685 6.5 3.5 II (B2)
  • 213 (Computer-based Test)
  • 79 (iBT)
  • 550 (Paper-based Test)
iTEP 3.5
  • 213 (Computer-based Test)
  • 79 (iBT)
  • 550 (Paper-based Test)

*If you attend a university in a country that meets the minimum English Proficiency Requirement, please submit the English Proficiency Requirement Form with your application. Contact our office for the form.

Prepare Proof of Funds

If you will need an I-20 so that you may apply for an F-1 student visa, you will need to include a bank statement, a letter on bank letterhead, or a certification by a bank representative with an official bank stamp/seal certifying that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of tution and living expenses:

Session 1 Session 2 10–Week Session Session 1 & 2
$6,200 $6,200 $9,200 $11,300
Session 1 $6,200
Session 2 $6,200
10–Week Session $9,200
Session 1 & 2 $11,300

Prepare Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Forms

All participants are required to submit a signed copy of the Academic Honesty and Student Conduct form. For more information, view the pages for Academic Integrity and Student Conduct.

Understand Student Privacy Laws

If you are applying with the assistance of an agency or institutional partner, it is important to understand the policies and rules implemented to protect the privacy of your student record. In order for them to assist you with your enrollment, please complete and submit the Consent to Release Educational Records form.

If your college or university is not already a partner with us, let us know! There are many benefits to both you and your institution in creating this type of relationship.



Enroll using Appropriate Enrollment Method

  • First-time Applicants
  • Use the International online application.
  • Returning Applicants
  • Complete the International Student Paper Application.
  • Transfers
  • Complete the International Student Paper Application. You will also need to submit a copy of the I-20 from that school, your passport, student visa, and Transfer Evaluation Form with your current institution.
  • Status Changed/Academically Disqualified
  • Complete the International Student Paper Application.

Apply for Summer Housing

Applying for housing occurs in two phases:

  1. Indicate that you will need housing at UC Irvine in Step 4 of the online application, or Housing Form Part I on the paper application. If you will make your own living arrangements, indicate so on your form.
  2. Summer Session will send a housing contract along with payment instructions after you have successfully enrolled in the program.

Mail/Fax Application (Paper Enrollment ONLY)

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  • If you complete the paper application, you may mail or fax the application to us. It is highly recommended that you submit your application to us via fax to help expedite the review process and ensure there is enough time for you to apply for the visa at the U.S. Embassy or consulate in your country. Find approximate visa Appointment and Processing wait times.

    Applications received after the deadlines will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Review refund and cancellation policies before submitting a late application. If you complete the online application, you will receive an email confirmation and your submission will be reviewed before your official acceptance.

    Mail or fax your original application with supporting documents:

    Express Mail

    UCI Summer Session
    University of California, Irvine
    Pereira Drive West of East Peltason, Building A, #231
    Irvine, CA 92697-5705 U.S.A.

    Phone: +1 949-824-4270

    Regular Mail
    UCI Summer Session
    University of California, Irvine
    P.O. Box 6050
    Irvine, CA 92616-6050 U.S.A.

    Fax: +1 949-824-7477