COVID-19 Student Resources

Covid-19 Vaccination Compliance Information

All students enrolling in courses for any session during the summer, must comply with the UC COVID-19 vaccination requirements by the appropriate deadline. For session deadlines and information regarding penalties for non-compliance, please see below.

    • UCI Student Health Center Patient Portal 
      To submit your vaccination documentation, please click here.
    • Summer Session Compliance Deadlines 
      • Summer Session 1 – TBD
      • 10 Week Session – TBD
      • Summer Session 2 – TBD
    • Academic Penalties: Non-Compliant students will be subject to progressive academic penalties
      • Wifi Suspension
      • Summer Session Hold
      • Courses Dropped from SSII or Ineligible for SSII Enrollment
      • Campus-Wide Hold
    • Other Helpful Resources

2023 Summer Session Enrollment

Summer Session registration for 2023 will begin March 1st. You will be able to register online.

We are available to assist students with their Summer Session questions by phone and/or by email. Below are options in which we will be able to serve students.

    • Email:
      We will have staff available to answer your emails throughout the week.
    • Phone:(949) 824 -6494, Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
      We will have staff available by phone to assist you throughout the week