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General Chemistry

CHEM 1C (4.0 units)Session II

Equilibria, aqueous acid-base equilibria, solubility equilibria, oxidation reduction reactions, electrochemistry; kinetics; special topics. Corequisite: CHEM 1LC. Prerequisite: CHEM 1B. CHEM 1B with a grade of C- or better. Overlaps with CHEM H2C.(II and VA ). Concurrent enrollment in Chem IC and Chem ILC is required, unless you have credit for lecture or lab.

Instructor(s) Arasasingham, R.
Schedule MWF 11:00 - 12:50pm, Anteater Learning Pavilion 1300
Units 4.0
Course Code 40070
UC Undergraduate (per unit) $ 279.00
UC Graduate (per unit) $ 349.00
Visitor (per unit) $ 349.00
Note(s) None