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A unique part of Summer Session Special Programs is INSIDE UCI, featuring presentations, tours, and workshops that offer a “front row seat” to the current research and diverse academic paths of prominent UCI researchers and industry experts.

2020 Presenters

Presenters are able to make interactive presentations based on their interests and share aspects of their academic journey. Instructors can promote their fall, winter, and spring quarter classes to newly admitted first year and transfer students. 2020 presenters will be released soon. Below includes a list of past participants.

  • Katie Salen Tekinbaş, MFA, Professor, Information & Computer Sciences
  • Dr. Julie Reinhard Lupton, Associate Dean for Research, Humanities
  • Pamela Marsden, Properties Supervisor, Arts
  • Dr. Peter Bowler, Professor, Social Ecology, Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Andrew Penner, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
  • Jessica Noche, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences
  • Stacy Brinkman, Head of Education and Outreach , Libraries
  • Dr. Oladele Ogunseitan, Professor, Health Sciences
  • Kristen Ahn, Associate Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Business
  • Kelli Sharp, Assistant Professor, Arts
  • Dr. David Snow, Distinguished Professor, Social Sciences
  • Dr. Jeffrey Krichmar, Professor, Social Sciences
  • Catlin Moore, Programs Manager, Arts

Our list will be updated as we continue to add speakers to our 2020 lineup

“My first exposure to the Limb Regeneration lab was actually through one of the INSIDE UCI tours... Little did I know, I would be spending the next 2 and a half years working in that very same lab…” Michelle Oei
UCI Class of 2013, USC Class of 2018

Art Tours Arts Tour: Let's Talk Shop, Props & Production
Pamela Marsden, Properties Supervisor, Drama
Digital Filmmaking Production Workshop Digital Filmmaking Production Workshop with David Rincon
David Rincon, Lab Manager, Digital Filmmaking, Arts
How (not) to break up with your Girlfriend How (not) to break up with your Girlfriend: Love, Truth, and Lies in Shakespeare
Dr. Julia Reinhard Lupton, Professor, English, Director of UCI Illuminations (the Chancellors’ Arts & Culture Initiative)
How to Achieve Long-Term (academic) Success AND Happiness at UCI How to Achieve Long-Term (academic) Success AND Happiness at UCI: Practical Hints to Get You Started
Dr. Armin Schewegler, Professor Spanish & Portuguese, Director Global Cultures, School of Humanities
Inside the Moot Courtroom Inside the Moot Courtroom
Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean & Professor, Law
San Joaquin Marsh Tour San Joaquin Marsh Tour
Dr. Peter A. Bowler, Senior Lecturer, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Director of the Arboretum
Robotics and Wearable Sensors for Rehabilitation Robotics and Wearable Sensors for Rehabilitation: Tour the iMOVE Laboratory
Dr. David Reinkensmeyer, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Anatomy and Neurobiology; and Biomedical Engineering

The Audience: Special Programs

Special Programs participants are enrolled in UCI Summer Session courses and are eager to get a head start in their college careers at UCI.