Pre-Departure Requirements for Travel-Study

After enrollment, students will receive an email with more detailed information about the program and inviting them to log-on to the Enrolled Student Website. Once logged-in student can make a payment, change a course or grade option, and begin completing their pre-departure requirements. Here is a list of what all students must submit prior to the posted deadlines:

  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Health History Form
  • Judicial Review Form (for non-UCI students only)
  • Student Information & Flight Itinerary
  • UC Travel Insurance Verification (covered in your Program Fee yet students must register)
  • A color scan jpeg of your Passport
  • A color scan jpeg Passport Size Photo
All Pre-Departure Requirements and information can be found on the Enrolled Student Website.


All Payments and Pre-Departure Requirements are due by:

  • May 1st (Session I programs)
  • June 1st (Session II programs)

Deadlines are strict. Failure to submit all required pre-departure material by the deadline may result in enrollment cancellation without refund.

Access the Enrolled Student Website.