Travel-Study FAQ

  • Do the Travel-Study programs coincide with the UCI summer session dates?
    In some cases students can take courses during Summer Session I or II on campus at UCI and still attend a Travel-Study program in the other session. The exceptions are the Italy and Argentina (Track A), which cross both Summer Session I and II, but still occurs during the dates of summer quarter. The Southeast Asia Program ends on August 6, 2012, the same day Summer Session II begins. Students who enroll in a course that does not meet on Mondays may return for Session II on the UCI campus. Students can also participate in more than one Travel-Study program in one summer, as long as the dates allow.
  • Do I need to write an essay or get letters of recommendation?
    No. Just submit your application and deposit payment to ensure a spot in the program. All non-UC students are required to submit a recent transcript with their Travel-Study application. All transcripts will be evaluated by the Travel-Study office on an individual basis prior to confirming enrollment. Learn more about how to apply.
  • I’m not a UC student, can I apply?  
    Of course! Any student (over 18) currently enrolled and degree seeking at a university is welcome to apply. In addition to the application and deposit, you'll need to send us a copy of your transcript. Transcripts will be evaluated by the Travel-Study office prior to confirming enrollment.
  • I’m graduating in the spring or summer, can I still attend?
    Spring and summer graduates are eligible to apply for Travel-Study programs. Call the Travel-Study office for more details if you have questions.
  • Do you accept foreign students?
    You can apply as a regular candidate if you are a foreign student attending school in the United States. If you are a foreign student attending school outside of the United States, then you must also submit TOEFL scores along with your application.

    For all foreign students, proper visa and/or passport requirements are necessary. You will need to contact the nearest foreign consulate to determine your specific requirements.
  • What if I apply and I don't get accepted? What happens to my deposit?
    If we are unable to enroll you for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible and will not collect a deposit.
  • Can I go on more than one program?
    Students who attend Cambridge (Session I), The Mediterranean Program, Argentina (Tracks B and C), Chile, Korea or Tokyo (Engineering), may attend Cambridge (Session II). Additionally, students may participate multiple times during their college education.
  • What do the fees cover?
    The fees cover tuition, all room and partial board (one, two or even three meals per day) as well as entrance fees and transportation for designated field trips. Learn more about payments and fees.
  • Is airfare included?
    Airfare is not included. This allows you to shop around for the best deal available, allows flexible dates (in case you want to travel before or after your program) and enables the use of any airline, in case you subscribe to a mileage program. .
  • Can I use financial aid for Travel-Study Programs?
    Yes, if you are eligible.

    Please note that the Travel-Study office does not administer, award, or provide counseling on financial aid. Rather, eligibility for federal or school-based aid is determined on an individual basis by financial aid counselors on your home-campus. For UC students, please make sure to notify counselors that this is a UC Irvine Summer Session Travel-Study Program (not EAP or another travel abroad program). If you are a UC student, and have available aid, you should be able to use the aid towards enrolling in UCI Summer Session (which includes our Travel-Study Programs). We recommend that you communicate with your financial aid counselor as early as possible to determine your eligibility. Learn more about financial aid.
  • Should I purchase trip cancellation insurance?
    Yes, all students are encouraged to purchase trip cancellation insurance in case they need to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness. Trip cancellation insurance is not included in the fees charged by Travel-Study. Learn more about Trip Cancellation Insurance.
  • Will the courses I take abroad count toward my degree?
    All of the courses are regular UCI courses with UCI course numbers. You will not receive a transcript from a foreign institution (rather, from UCI), though a notation will be made on your UCI transcript indicating that the courses were taken abroad. If you are not from UCI, you should always speak with your academic counselor at your home campus regarding transferability. Visit our information on grading and grade reports to learn more.
  • Do I need to transfer my course units from Travel-Study to my home school?
    Visit our policy on grade reports for more information.
  • How will Travel-Study affect my future goals and resume?
    Employers recognize study abroad as an experience that builds personal relationships and intercultural skills that will benefit you in your career. Be sure to highlight your study abroad experience to future employers by adding it to your resume.
  • When is the enrollment deadline?
    The deadline to submit a completed Application is May 1 for Session I and June 1 for Session II. Note that space in programs is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and popular programs do fill up quickly. Early enrollment will ensure your space in a program as well as your first choice course selections.
  • Where can I get my passport processed?
    Obtaining a passport can take up to four months. To locate your nearest Passport Acceptance Facility please visit For UCI students, there is a Passport Office on campus. For more info please visit or call (949) 424-5100.
  • How will I get from the airport to the University?
    For some programs we offer airport pick-up at specified times (more information provided in your pre-departure information). For others, you will be responsible for travel from the airport, but we will provide you with specific information about how to reach your destination. It's highly likely you'll be on the same flight as other participants to your program.

Additionals questions?

Please email or call (949) 824-4270.