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Grade Options

You have the choice of taking classes for a Letter Grade, Pass/Not Pass, or to audit a class unless a restriction is stated in the course description. For specific information regarding the grade options, visit our University Credit page.

Pass/Not Pass

  • Students will be able to change their grade to P/NP and P/NP to letter grade through the end of instruction for the Summer Session in which they are enrolled.
  • The deadline for Session I is July 27, 2020 for 10 Week Sessoin is August 27, and for Session II is September 4, 2020.
  • Students are required to get the Instructor's email approval for making grade changes after the initial deadline (that doesn't require additional approval). Please forward the approval email to with subject line "Instructor Approval for Grade Option Change".


Auditors are students who wish to attend courses but do not desire university credit for the summer. This includes students who are making up an NR or I grade from previous quarters. A course taken for an audit will not appear on the student’s transcript. If you want to audit a course, follow regular registration procedures and pay the full fee listed for each course.

No provisions for students to merely “sit-in” on summer courses are made and attendance without payment of fees is prohibited.

When auditing online courses, students will need to work directly with the instructor to obtain access to online class materials.