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Transfer Edge

Build a foundation for success before fall quarter begins!

Pay for only 8

Start your UCI Experience this Summer

Pay for only 8 As a student transferring into the University of California, Irvine, you are invited to take part in Transfer Edge, an innovative opportunity that will provide you with a rich academic, social, and personal foundation as you embark on your new academic career at UCI.

Begin your transfer experience during the summer when the campus is more accessible and relaxed. You will be part of a smaller community of students transferring to UCI and will have an opportunity to become familiar with the academic rigor and social scene of UCI under ideal conditions of maximum opportunity and support.

Make the most of your years here as an upper classman by participating in special workshops and sessions on various aspects of campus life: using the UCI library for research, engaging with faculty about their research, career planning, study abroad, getting involved, and polishing your skills in leadership development, public speaking and writing.

If you are not admitted to UCI for fall quarter you are still welcome to attend Summer Session, however Transfer Edge is intended for newly admitted UCI transfer students. If you have questions about regular UCI transfer admissions requirements, please visit UCI Admissions.

Pay for only 8

By the beginning of the fall quarter you will have already started on your UC Irvine course work and graduation requirements, become acquainted with the UCI campus, gained confidence in meeting and speaking with professors and become part of a close-knit group of transfer students. We welcome you to join us this summer!

Financial Aid is available to assist UCI students in meeting the costs of attending Summer Session.

Transfer Edge students are considered admitted UC students, and can take advantage of the “Pay for Only 8” Incentive Program. Students will need to pay for only 8 units in per unit course fees, but by taking part in both six-week Summer Sessions, most students would complete 14 units total. See Fees for more details.

We are also happy to announce a special pathway within Transfer Edge for International Students.