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Leadership Development Program

Transfer Edge Mentors

As a Transfer Edge student, you will meet current UCI students who are trained to become your Transfer Edge mentors who will welcome you to UCI. The Transfer Edge mentors will help you transition to the UCI campus and college life by creating a meaningful and supportive program environment. A formal Mentorship Program is offered to Transfer Edge Alumni and transfer students throughout the UCI community beginning in winter quarter as a hands-on leadership experience. By becoming a Transfer Edge mentor, students give feedback on the past year’s program, help develop program events, and work closely with the students during the upcoming Transfer Edge program.

Meet the 2018 Summer Transfer Edge Mentors

Cassandra Cheung
Business Economics, Class of 2019
Transferred from Santiago Canyon College
(From Yorba Linda, California)

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  • I am excited to welcome all my fellow incoming transfers to the academically challenging and positively rewarding experience that can be discovered here at UCI! You can maximize your time here by equipping yourself with the knowledge about all the resources and opportunities available which is how I became more involved after I transferred from Santiago Canyon College. You never know what you can do until you try! I dare you to reach for the stars and explore your true passions!

Michael Shao
Transfer Edge Participant 2017, Transferred from Cerro Coso Community College
(From: Fuzhou)

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  • I am a transfer student from Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest. Transferred from a community college to UC Irvine, I feel intimidated in the first place. But, the Transfer Edge gave me confidence and a comfort zone to best prepare the incoming fall quarter. In the program, I lived in the house in Arroyo Vista, and was able to make a long-lasting friendship with some friends who also lived in the house. Overall, my Transfer Edge experiences helped me to gain many valuable resources, know how to manage my time effectively and effectively in the Quarter system, and make friendship with some transfers.

Francisco Salgado
Psychology and Social Behavior, Class of 2019
Transferred from Santa Ana College
(From: Anahiem, California)

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  • I chose to become a mentor because I want to help incoming students ease their transition to UCI. I myself am a first-generation student and first-generation American and a transfer student. I enjoy working out, fashion, literature, music, sushi, tacos, and really all food.

Shafaq Alkhaffaf
Biological Sciences, Class of 2019
Transfer Edge Participant 2016, Transferred from Palomar College
(From: Escondido, California)

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  • As a previous student in the summer transfer edge, I found that the program was helpful in my adjustment to the new environment (coming from a community college). First, I would like to share my experiences (good and bad) at the UCI campus with the new transfers so they would not make the same mistakes I made. Second, I would like to strengthen my ability in public speaking, event planing, and decision making. Third, I would like to take advantage of as much opportunities offered at campus as possible before I graduate. Finally, I hope that I will grow as a professional individual before jumping into the real world.

Susan Mikhail
Business Administration, Class of 2019
Transfer Edge Participant 2017, Transferred from Saddleback College
(From: Cairo, Egypt)

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  • As a transfer student, I received an offer from Summer Session via e-mail about the Transfer Edge program. I was first attracted to the "pay for 8" offer and decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Through Summer Session, I was introduced to the many opportunities at UCI. It was a great experience.

Donny Luanglath
Biological Sciences, Class of 2019
Transferred from San Diego City College
(From: Murfreesboro, TN)

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  • I am learning a lot about many opportunities and resources that the school provides. Sadly, I did not found out about a majority of it until the end of my first quarter here. I want to help guide new students to their desired resource and give them awareness to others.

Drisana Zehfuss
Political Science, Class of 2018
Transfer Edge Participant 2015, Transferred from Mt. San Antonia College
(From: Downey, California)

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  • When I transferred from my community college, Mt. San Antonio College, I was absolutely overwhelmed with my new surroundings. Transfer Edge definitely helped me become acclimated to UCI; it made me aware of UCI’s multiple resources, the numerous ways to become involved on campus, and what was to be expected from a quarter system institution. Transfer Edge also gave me the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people that are now some of my closest friends. Participating in transfer Edge was absolutely one of the best decisions, and I am so excited to be a part of it again.

Jorge A. Gutierrez Jr.
Sociology, Class of 2019
Transferred from Irvine Valley College & Saddleback College
(From: Irvine, California)

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  • Hello everyone! My name is Jorge Gutierrez and I'm a fifth year Sociology major with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As someone who's going to enter his last year here at this school, the first advice that I would have to give is to not be afraid of failure. My first year here was overall great, but extremely challenging at the same time. Getting used to the quarter system was probably the most difficult experience since transferring from the community college level. For my goals, I plan on taking a break from school for at least two years and working full time until I go back for my masters. While I didn't participate in the Transfer Edge program myself, I know firsthand the experiences that the students go through with facing new challenges and a new environment. I'm pleased to be your mentor and as an Irvine native who grew up close to the school his whole life, you will enjoy your experience here.