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Leadership Development Program

International Student Interns

International Student mentors assist students with social, academic, and educational support during their summer experience at UCI. The mentors aim to foster cultural exchange and ease cultural acclimation for international students. They are also current UCI students, many of which may be taking the same courses as international students.

Applications for the 2018 Mentors are due on October 29th, 2017

Meet the 2017 International Student Interns

Abdullah_Dada Abdullah Dada
Lead Mentor
Mechanical Engineering; Class of 2018
(From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

My name is Abdullah Dada, and I'm a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major with a focus in Biomedical Applications. I came to UCI as a freshman from Saudi Arabia. As an international student, I've faced a few challenges in coping with certain elements of life abroad and being fully independent. My mentors in Summer Session helped me adjust to life in the United States in a matter four weeks and that made me want to come back as a mentor myself. This is my 3rd year serving the Summer Session office as a mentor, this time as a Lead Mentor. I'm really excited to meet all of you and get a chance to help you make the best out of your stay with us at University of California - Irvine and the Summer Session family!

Diana Lee Diana Lee
Lead Mentor
Classics; Class of 2017
(From Los Angeles, CA)

Hello! My name is Diana and I'm from Los Angeles, California and I am currently a 4th year at UCI. I had the pleasure of being a mentor last summer, so I'm really excited to be back on the team to spend another summer spreading the love I have for my university and country to all of you! Meeting with countless international students and spending time with them at events gave me a wonderful feeling of excitement and joy as I got to know them individually and culturally. I look forward to making your summer memories at UCI something unforgettable!

Bunchhin Huy Bunchhin Huy
Biomedical Engineering, Premed; Class of 2018
(From Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Hi there! My name is Bunchhin, but please call me Chhin. I was born and raised in Cambodia for 18 years before I moved to the U.S. as an international student. I transferred from Northern California and participated in the Transfer Edge program, which exposed me to tremendous resources I cannot wait to share with all of you. You will be surprised by how many great opportunities inside and outside of UCI exist that you can take advantages from. I am sure you will have memorable moments here at UCI. See you all in summer!

Ruiqing (Rachel) Lan Ruiqing (Rachel) Lan
Business Economics; Class of 2020
(From Beijing, China)

Hello everyone! My name is Ruiqing Lan but you can call me Rachel. I was born and raised in Beijing, China and I am now an incoming sophomore at UCI. I felt nervous when I first came to UCI. Adjusting to a new culture can be scary sometimes, but it turned out to be so fun! I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and helping you make your experience just as memorable.

Fei Ma Fei Ma
Undergraduate/Undeclared; Class of 2020
(From Zhengzhou, China)

Hello everyone! My name is Fei Ma and I'm from Zhengzhou, China. I am excited to meet different people and learn about interesting cultures from all over the world! UCI is an amazing place and I had a lot of beautiful memories here that I will never forget. I hope to help you create your own beautiful memories at UCI this summer!

Monica Reyes Monica Reyes
Business Administration; Class of 2019
(From Granada Hills, CA)

Hello! My name is Monica Reyes and I am from Granada Hills, CA, which is a town inside the San Fernando Valley. My experiences at UC Irvine have been nothing short of amazing. In the summer of 2015, I attended Freshman Edge. This program helped me learn a lot about the school and marked the beginning of my college journey. I am so excited to be a Mentor for the 2017 Summer Session, and help give back to the program and the awesome people here at UCI.

Qi (Darcy) Shi Qi (Darcy) Shi
Undergraduate/Undeclared; Class of 2020
(From Shanghai, China)

Hi everyone! My name is Darcy and I am an international student from Shanghai, China. I was a Summer Session Freshman edge student last summer. During this program, I had a chance to gain knowledge of campus resources and was prepared for my transition into UCI. And now, I am ready to share my experiences and knowledge with you all and help you solve any academic and/or social problems you face. I cannot wait to meet you and enjoy the beautiful California sunshine together!

Vesper Wang Vesper Wang
Undergraduate/Undeclared; Class of 2019
(From Harbin, China)

Hello! My name is Vesper and I’m from China. Being an international student at UCI has been a wonderful experience. I participated in the Summer session program in my first year myself, which helped me to quickly adjust to the new environment and make amazing friends. I love learning about different cultures and languages, so I'm really excited to meet everyone and create amazing memories with you all this summer!

Truong Xe Truong Xe
Business Economics; Class of 2020
(From San Jose, CA)

Hey there! My name is Truong, born in Vietnam, raised in San Jose, and now thriving in Irvine. So many great things have happened since I started my education here at UCI through the Freshman Edge program and it only seems to get better. I'm excited to be a mentor for the Visiting Internationals program and can't wait to share my experiences with you and learn from your experiences, it's going to be a great summer!

Kimberly Zhang Kimberly Zhang
Business Economics; Class of 2020
(From San Jose, CA)

My name is Kimberly Zhang and I am from San Francisco. This is my second year at UCI. I was in the Freshman Edge program last year and I met lots of awesome international students at that time. Can't wait to meet you all!

Zhiying (Melody) Zhou Zhiying (Melody) Zhou
Mathematics; Class of 2018
(From Guangdong, China)

Hi, everyone! My name is Zhiying Zhou,but you can call me Melody. I am a junior international student from China. During my first year at UCI, Freshman Edge taught me how to get involved in the campus life and start my academic career. I made friends with people who came from different countries. We shared our experiences, cultures and we learned a lot from each other. It was a good experience for me, and I believe you will have a good experience with us. Don't forget, we are here to help you!