Study of Law

Prepare for a Career in Law

Session I: June 24 - August 1, 2013

The Study of Law Program is a six week summer academic program for students considering a legal profession and for those who plan to attend law school. Through this program, you will acquire a deeper understanding of U.S. law and legal careers, what it takes to apply to law school and what it is like once enrolled—all while acquiring critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Students will enroll in two UCI courses, Political Science 71A*: Introduction to Law and Political Science 79A: Study of Law. Coursework includes expert guest speakers and panels composed of lawyers and industry professionals working in a variety of law related fields, giving you the opportunity to network with legal practitioners.

The Study of Law Program is a perfect opportunity for you to explore whether a law career is right for you or to confirm your law school aspirations. This program takes place during Summer Session I: June 24 - August 1, 2013. Reference the Summer Session Calendar for important dates and deadlines.

High School students who enroll in 2 or more units of UCI course credit are eligible to be part of the High School Summer Scholar Program. 

*Students who have taken POL SCI 71A at UC Irvine are only required to enroll in POL SCI 79A.