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High School Summer Scholar

June 20 - July 28, 2016

High School Summer Scholar

June 20 - July 28, 2016


This summer is your opportunity to have an exclusive collegiate experience at the University of California, Irvine, one of the nation's top research universities and now ranked the best young university in America.

Through the UCI Summer Session High School Summer Scholar Program, you will preview and prepare for the challenges and rewards of undergraduate life. You will learn from UCI's distinguished faculty in your academic UCI credit course and study alongside other university students. During the special Program Seminars, you will meet additional faculty, researchers, industry experts, and current undergraduates from across the campus through networking activities and interactive presentations, and enjoy fun social activities where you will meet other High School Summer Scholars and make new friends. See Important Dates for the program timeline. This is a non-residential program designed for students commuting to campus.

Academics and Co-curricular Program

UCI Credit Course

Schedules will vary by course

Courses are taught by UCI instructors and attended by matriculated UCI students. The instructor will be unaware that you are a high school student, giving you an authentic college experience.

  • Enroll in one UCI credit course of your choice.
  • You may choose to enroll in a course related to your future major or in a topic that interests you and is intended for general education credit at your future alma mater.
  • You will receive regular UCI college credit for this course, and your grades will be recorded on an official UCI transcript. Most UCI courses offer 4 units of credit.

Selecting a course:

  • We recommend students take lower division courses (numbered 99 and below). Visit our website for a list of recommended courses. If you are interested in a higher-level course, e-mail us at to request clearance.
  • UCI Summer Session courses are college credit courses.
  • Courses are not intended to be completed in order to satisfy high school requirements. If you intend to use the course you select toward your high school graduation requirements, please check with your high school guidance counselor prior to enrollment to confirm that the course you select meets your high school’s graduation requirements. Unfortunately, due to the specific nature of academic advising, UCI Summer Scholar staff is unable to provide academic advising for your course selections.

The Program Seminars

The Program Seminar is split into two cohorts. You will be assigned to a cohort (either W or TH, 9-12:50pm) that does not conflict with your UCI Credit Course schedule. If there is an overlap in your schedules, please email the program coordinators immediately: Please only attend your assigned cohort. Your cohort will be your support system for the entire summer. Use the Program Seminar time to setup study groups and lunch breaks, and coordinate activities with the undergraduate mentors.

In addition to attending your UCI credit course, Summer Scholars will meet together in seminar style to learn about university research, student life, and collegiate skills while in a college setting. This cohort experience will allow you to be a part of an integrated community of high school students and to learn as a member of a peer group whose active contribution to the classroom encourages knowledge and success. The classroom experience will be a supportive environment promoting reflection and personal exploration, and allowing you to develop strong friendships. With support from faculty, staff and student mentors, you will work as part of a large group and smaller teams, bringing insight and practical application to the classroom curriculum. The Program Seminars will meet every week for specially planned activities, workshops, presentations and tours. Please note that your UCI Credit Course will have a separate schedule and instructor from the Program Seminars, which are designed exclusively for Summer Scholar Program participants. Unlike your academic UCI credit course, the Program Seminar is not graded. Attendance at programmatic events and seminars is tracked in order to receive the Certificate of Completion (see below).

College learning encompasses more than just the classroom. A very important component of your college experience is what you gain outside the classroom, also known as co-curricular learning. The INSIDE UCI series, Collegiate Life workshops, and social activities are designed to give you an understanding of the opportunities, resources and experiences you will encounter as a college student and introduce you to other Summer Scholars.

Your Summer Scholar experience will be guided by the enthusiastic and friendly staff in the Summer Session Office as well as by the undergraduate Summer Scholar Mentors. The mentors are UCI undergraduate students and former participants in Summer Session programs who volunteer their time to support you, serve as a resource, and plan social events.

Orientation Day: Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Student Orientation Day Though classes don’t begin until June 20th, the Orientation is designed to officially welcome you as a summer Anteater! Staff, mentors and participants from previous summers will host an engaging introduction to UCI Summer Session.

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Our staff will ensure that students and guardians are ready for the upcoming summer by providing an overview of university expectations, policies, important dates, and resources. You will also meet the Summer Scholar Mentors and learn about the wide variety of programmatic activities offered to inspire, encourage, and challenge you academically and personally.

Parents and guardians should attend Orientation with their student. The time and location will be sent to enrolled students in their “Welcome” email along with additional information about preparing for the summer ahead. This is a mandatory kickoff event for all participants. In May, check back to the Events Calendar for updates.

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete the High School Summer Scholar Program and meet the requirements for participation will receive a Certificate of Completion. Show colleges and universities that you have what it takes to excel inside and outside of a university classroom!

To receive your Certificate of Completion, you must:

  • Attend the Program Orientation on Saturday, June 11, 2016, Time/Location: TBA
  • Enroll in and successfully complete your UCI credit course (schedules vary; See "Academics").
  • Attend the required Program Seminars on Wednesdays OR Thursdays from 9am-12:50pm
  • Attend the Program Closing Event on Thursday, July 28, 2016, Time/Location: TBA

Virtual Tourvirtual_tour

Visit and explore UCI virtually! This tour highlights the campus, academic programs, and student life. Stops at academic schools, residential facilities, recreation facilities, and student support services will give you an idea of what a typical day on campus looks like.