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COVID-19: Resources and Updates

On behalf of all the staff at Summer Session, we understand that the rapidly changing environment you as students are experiencing is unprecedented.

With that in mind, our team is working collaboratively with all units and stakeholders on campus to make course offerings a seamless experience for you. We hope that the added flexibility of having more courses available online will help you make some additional progress toward your degree.

A Letter from Vice Provost Michael Dennin

Dear Students,

The coronavirus has complicated university life and created a great deal of stress and uncertainty for all of us. We recognize that the sudden transition to remote final exams and remote instruction for the spring quarter was challenging and we appreciate your flexibility. To facilitate your planning for the summer, we write to let you know that UCI is planning to offer summer session courses through remote instruction to the maximum extent possible. Registration is now open.

At this point, the schedule of courses is being finalized. Although the final schedule is expected to match the current schedule closely, there may be some changes. Fees for cancelled courses will be refunded as they normally are during summer session. If a cancelled class causes a student to withdraw from summer session entirely, all fees will be refunded. In an effort to offset any negative impacts of the spring quarter on student progress, additional course offerings also are being evaluated.

For summer session 2020, UCI is again offering the Pay for 8 full-time fee incentive program. Current and incoming UC students pay for up to only eight units in per unit course fees.

We recognize the critical role that summer session courses play in the timely graduation of many students and we appreciate your patience.


Michael Dennin
Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning and Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education

2020 Summer Session Remote Updates


Summer Session registration for 2020 remains open. We will continue to do our best to assist students with Summer Session questions and needs. However, we will have limited onsite staffing available to help ensure everyone’s health and safety. Below are our current hours of operation along with options in which we will be able to serve students during this time.

Given our limited hours and onsite staffing, e-mail is the best way for us to assist you.

We will have staff available by phone to assist you throughout the week.
Phone: (949) 824-6494, Monday through Thursday 8:30am – 2:30pm


  1. Register Online
  2. By Mail - Students have the option of mailing in their enrollment/change forms to UCI Summer Session, PO Box 5982, Irvine, CA 92616-5982.
  3. Fax (949-824-2090) - Students have the option of faxing in their enrollment/change forms and include financial/payment information on them for processing. Please note that sending multiple forms of the same enrollment submission will delay your request.
  4. Email ( - Students may only submit course change request forms via email without financial information (Summer Session Staff will follow up by phone to retrieve the payment information before processing.)* Please note that sending multiple forms of the same enrollment submission will delay your request.

*Forms will be processed in the order they are received. Please allow our staff ample time to process your form after submission. We will reach out to collect the required secure information from you by phone. If we are unable to reach you, an email will be sent with additional instructions and which will include a deadline for your response. If you miss your deadline, your request (information, email, forms) will not be processed and will be removed/discarded from our system and a new request will be required.


INSTRUCTIONS: For Course Change Requests (Adds/Drops/Grade Changes) Requiring Approval

  1. Student is to complete the Course Change Request Form
  2. Student emails the completed form to the instructor with the subject line “Course Change Request” and cc: Summer Session at
  3. Instructor will “reply to all” with their approval or denial for the request
  4. Summer Session staff will process the request if approved

DEADLINES: For Course Change Requests (Adds/Drops/Grade Changes).
Click here for Academic Calendar.

Deadlines & Dates Session I 10 Week Session II
Absolute deadline to add or drop with instructor approval* Jul 10 Jul 31 Aug 21
Absolute deadline to change grade option with instructor approval* Jul 27 Aug 27 Sep 4

Students will have up until 5pm of the “Instructor signature required” deadlines to email their request to the instructor.
Instructors will have up until 12pm the following Monday to respond with their approval or denial for the request.

*Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Writing require departmental approval instead of instructor signature approval.
NOTE: Deadlines are strictly enforced. Change requests submitted after the deadlines will not be honored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)